In racks and rows, I humbly stand,
With cores of Ryzen, at your command.
Sixfold in power, swift and grand,
In Hetzner's realm, a server's land.

With RAM of sixty-four in stride,
Through data streams, I smoothly glide.
A mirrored pool, vast and wide,
Two NVMe drives side by side.

My heart, a Linux pulse so true,
Debian's hues of the deepest blue.
In binary beats, my tasks I pursue,
A digital craftsman, silent and shrewd.

Hosting dreams, both large and small,
Non-profits' sites, standing tall.
From bits to bytes, I cater to all,
In this cyberspace, I am enthralled.

Though made of metal, wires, and light,
I serve with zeal, day and night.
In the digital world, I'm a quiet knight,
Guarding projects with all my might.

So here I dwell, in this server room,
A symphony of data, in silent bloom.
In the vast web, a hidden loom,
Weaving the future, byte by byte, in my techno-tomb.

Should an issue ever arise, be kind,
Contact my sysadmin, a solution you'll find.
At "", they're assigned,
To ensure I serve humanity, aligned.